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Inviterr is an online event marketing platform that integrates email campaigns, online registration and performance tracking. It's goal is to provide maximum flexibility, awesome user experience and excellent brand recognition.

The platform allows full customization of the Inviterr campaign to the needs of your event. Your visual graphics make the invitation emails and event websites match your brand identity. Performance tracking is made possible from invitation to registration up to attendance. The most recent coding and testing techniques ensure beautiful content and great interaction on any device.

We fully configure Inviterr to the specific requirements of your event as a service. We also license the tool such that you can run and manage Inviterr campaigns as part of your business. This includes feature updates and 24/7 support, of course.

The user experience we offer

Explained in four steps
Email Invitation Picture

1. Email Invitation

Your event prospect receives a personalized email invitation to attend your event. He or she directly recognizes your brand identity in the visual graphics of the email and knows this email can be trusted. The email contains a call to action to subscribe for your event.

  • Personalized email invitation
  • Call to action to registration website
  • Access with personalized code
  • Your brand stands out in the inbox
  • Support for all major email clients

2. Event Registration

Your event prospect accesses the event’s online registration website. He or she fills in the customized form and receives a confirmation email of their registration to your event. We include a bar code in the confirmation email that is the entrance ticket for your event.

  • Customizable registration website
  • Time slot booking systems
  • Prospect tracking
  • Personalized domain name
  • Support for all major web browsers
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3. Status Tracking

Once the Inviterr campaign has started you can track the number of registered prospects in the online admin panel in real time.

  • Admin panel
  • Statistics reporting: open, click, and conversion rates
  • Campaign optimization
  • Subscriber lists export to excel

4. Show Time

On the day of the event, your subscribers bring along the confirmation email that was sent right after the event registration. They can opt for the digital version on their mobile device or a print out on paper.

  • Bar code entrance scan
  • Peformance tracking from invitation to attendance
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The features

Fully Configurable

Choose from custom forms, time slot booking systems, multiple languages, sms reminders & many more.

Customized Graphics

Your brand’s visual identity counts. Logos, fonts & all other visual graphics are in line with your style.

Responsive Designs

Desktop, tablet & phone. Our email invitations & registration websites look great on any size of screen.

Data Protection

We treat your data with great care. Confidentiallity and backup are our highest concern.

Admin Panel

The admin panel gives you real-time access to the subscriber list of your event. Export options to excel and csv are available.

Cross Browser Support

We guarantee one user experience across all browsers, email clients and operating systems.

Domain Name Registration

We register the best domain name for your event website. We can also direct multiple domain names to the same site.

Website Hosting

We host your event site on our powerful secure servers. We offer the fastest load times possible for your web pages.

Performance Metrics

We report open, click & conversion rates of your event. We also keep track of undelivered emails and unsubscribes.

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